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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Polymer Clay Artistry by Erin Medcalf, Lilin (aka Christina) and Eugena

I Am Very Pleased To Feature
The Following Talented Clay Artists.


Erin Medcalf

About the Artist

My name is Erin "Eirewolf" Metcalf, and I'm an artist living in Silicon Valley, California. I dabble in several different mediums, but my specialty is polymer clay sculpture. I love to create animals, faeries, and fantasy creatures of all kinds. All sculptures are OOAK (one of a kind) unless otherwise explicitly stated; there will never be another piece exactly like it.

As for my other creations, I offer many of them in my Etsy and ArtFire shops.

Cloudgazer - Artwork by Erin 'Eirewolf' Metcalf

Cloudgazer is the first unicorn in my Scions of Legend™ series, inspired in part by Meredith Ann Pierce's Firebringer Trilogy. His eyes, horn, and cloven hooves are a deep indigo. His long, luxurious mane, tail, and beard are made from Tibetan lamb hair, in white and the palest of blues. He is 6 1/2 inches tall from horn to cloven toe, and about 7 inches long from horn to tail.

Grace - Artwork by Erin 'Eirewolf' Metcalf


Fantasy Film, Liquid Fimo, polymer clay, Micro Beedz and wire.

You can see more of this Artist's work at:



Lilin (aka Christina)

Austin, Texas, United States

This is my TABOUQ (left) and KOOPINK (right) butterfly inspired by D.Kato.

About the Artist:

I love arts & crafts. When I discovered Polymer Clay, I was totally hooked! As the possibilities of creating with Polymer Clay is endless, this FEVER will last for a long while...

You can see more of this Artist's work at:




One-of-a-kind polymer clay vase with gemstones and pearls

About the Artist

My name is Eugena. I am a polymer clay artist and instructor.

After playing with polymer clay for more than ten years, and I am still not tired of it! I am using polymer clay mostly for making jewelry and small decorative objects such as vases and wall decorations. My designs reflect my love of balance, elegance, and clean lines. I think polymer clay captured my attention more than any other material because of its endless possibilities. I can make it look like metal, stone, glass, porcelain, or make something completely different out of it.

I also love sharing my knowledge and polymer clay experience with other people. My background in chemistry, chemical education, and scientific writing really helps me in preparation of my polymer clay step-by-step tutorials and with my classes. I teach polymer clay hands-on classes through local polymer clay guilds, bead shops, and on-line.

If you would like to learn more about polymer clay and the techniques I am using, please refer to my tutorials and publications or consider taking one of my classes.

You can see more of this Artist's work at


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Trina Prenzi said...

Absolutely Beautiful Artwork! What talented polymer clay artists they each are!