Hello and Welcome to my Blog ~ I love art of all kinds. Two of my favorites are polymer clay and paper art. I have shops on Etsy that feature both of my passions. I also love writing my blog and finding artists that have a passion for their craft and feature them. I hope your day is filled with sunshine, laughter and loads of creativity.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Incredible Hand Art by Guido Daniele Featuring His Handimals.

If you haven't seen Guido Daniele's Handimals, you are in for a treat.  
Guido Daniele is an award-winning artist from Soverato, Italy. Born in 1950, Daniele lives and works in Milan. Over his 40+ year career, Guido has done both commercial/advertising work as well as group and solo exhibitions around the world.
In 1990 he began to explore and experiment with body and hand painting. By having his models contort their body into specific positions, he could use his painting skills to create incredibly realistic portraits and scenes onto a living canvas. The inclusion of the human body added a new element to his work and Guido would continue to explore this new direction.
In 2000 he created his world-renowned ‘Handimals‘ series (advertising | art) that saw him paint highly detailed and realistic animals onto hands in various positions. Through manipulation and creativity, Guido masterfully takes the same starting ‘canvas’ and is able to transform it into seemingly any animal he desires. The outcomes are truly amazing.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Using Picmonkey to get Your Photographs Ready for Etsy

I am a huge fan of picmonkey, a fabulous photo editing program that I discovered a while ago.  It has all kinds of wonderful editing features that will make your photo's so much nicer.  You will love discovering all the different elements and the fun embellishments that you will enjoy with each click of the mouse.  

I used plain pink paper for the background, propped up against a cereal box.

My next step was cloning the pink to fill in the picture.

  I love this background, I use it for so many of my pictures. It does change the background color, but I   really think it looks great.  As you can see,  I also added my name to the bottom.

I love the dark edges of this one.

Sometimes the white is really neat to use. it gives kind of a foggy appearance.

            You can frame your pictures if you like.  There are so many great frames 
            to choose from.

Add Photo Corners so that your photograph is ready to place in an album.

This is a really dramatic looking background.

If you are not satisfied with your background color it is easy to change as 
you can see. Check it out for yourself ~ it's awesome!!