Hello and Welcome to my Blog ~ I love art of all kinds. Two of my favorites are polymer clay and paper art. I have shops on Etsy that feature both of my passions. I also love writing my blog and finding artists that have a passion for their craft and feature them. I hope your day is filled with sunshine, laughter and loads of creativity.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Special Inks and Polymer Clay

Posh Rainbow Inks

Posh Rainbow Inks are fantastic.  A friend of mine introduced them to me when I was creating greeting cards, but the WOW power of these inks is even more prevalent on Polymer Clay.  These inks come in a variety of colors, in earth tones or the floral brights.

I chose the floral brights for this fairy door.  The imagery is awesome and even more brilliant when you see it in person.  

I named this creation 'Flowered Fairy Door' and created it for a little fairy who goes by the name of Buttercup.  She found this beautiful vase that someone had thrown away and wanted to grow some brightly colored flowers to surround her door.  She is very happy to have such a fine door, but would love to have it placed in someone's home.  Could that someone be you?


Lumere Acrylic Metallic Paints

This is another product that I love.  Lumiere Metallic Paints by Jacquard ( Pearl Collection )   The Lumiere isn't as bright as the Posh Rainbow Inks as you can see on the 'Golden Fairy Door' below, but I love the softness and the dimension that this ink provides.

The little Fairy is at home. You know how I can tell? She left her tiny purple slippers by the front door. I created this door out of polymer clay and embellished it with rubber stamps and Lumiere pearl paint. 

This door stands approximately 2.5" high by 3" wide.


More About These Inks

They are fast drying and will cover blemishes in the clay very well.  You can also change the color if you are not satisfied with the one that you originally applied. The coverage works with one coat. I love the fact that the ink is water soluble, so your brushes aren't ruined.

The cost is quite high with these products, but a little goes a long way.  I suggest you use the 40% off coupons that both Michaels and Hobby Lobby provide on their websites (if they carry these products in your area) 

You might check out these links as well:  http://www.rangerink.com/store_locator_usa.htm#TX

Monday, July 25, 2011

Polymer Clay Perfume Pendants ~ Necklaces and Corsets


From the Artist:
I live in Sisak, a town in central Croatia with my hubby, two fantastic kids, basset hound and a parrot:)

I am a self-taught polymer clay artist.  My work is characterized by playfulness and asymmetry of the composition with carefully combined colors.  I like to combine different shapes and textures.  Each bead is unique and made with a lot of love and attention.  My work has been published in a "European Polymer Clay Book" and featured on Polymer Clay Daily. 

                                                                             Editor's Notes
Because I lived in the southwest for a large portion of my life this necklace appeals to me.
I love the details and the colors that Sandra used in creating it.

This little necklace is adorable.  Sandra calls it 'Love Street'.  
She can create the houses in any color combination.

See more of Sandra's creations at:                                             

Nix Creations

What a wonderfully creative idea Matthew Nix had when he created these Perfume Pendants.

From the Artist:
My name is Matthew Nix and I call home, Collinsville, IL. I started making jewelry by accident. I wish I could say is was all planned but who really plans for this kind of stuff in life? My grandmother used to make brooches and hatpins with fried marbles. I thought they would make great pendants and quickly started selling them to stores worldwide. I then got into wire wrapping. Wire wrapping is my main passion when it comes to pendant making. I'm not the best and not the worst. I then got into polymer clay and more recently the art of fused glass.

These wire wrap perfume pendants are my original idea.

What is a perfume pendant? It is a pendant that defuses perfume while your wear it. Simply put a drop of your favorite perfume in the middle of the flower. The oils will cling to the clay petals and will emit scent, longer than wearing it on your skin.You can wear perfume and perfume oils on this pendant. You can wash the pendant with soap and water to change the perfume you want to wear on it.

This pendant is wire wrapped in nontarnishing silver wire. The flower bead is made from polymer clay. Accented with dangling swarvoski crystals and silver beads.

You Can see more of Matthews creations at:

Dawn Shotton

Dawn is from Newcastle Upon Tyne ~ England
She opened her Etsy Shop in March of 2010

From the Artist:
I loved arts and crafts for as long as I care to remember. From watercolour painting to cloth dolls.............and anything in-between.  Recently found miniature sculpting is really fun!

This Polymer Clay mannequin stands four inches high.  The corset is decorated in lace and fabric trimmings.

You can see more of Dawn's creations at:

Doll on A Rocker
Photograph ~ by Sandy Prenzi

Looking for Greeting Cards?  Check out my Fine Arts Website At:

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mosaic Tile Masterpiece

~ Claire Fairweather has created a masterpiece ~

Claire has named her mosaic "Our Future" It is a 30.5 cm by 30.5 cm polymer clay tiles on canvas. She designed it for the New Zealand Art Guild Annual Members Exhibition 2011.

This mosaic tile artwork has been designed to show the different phases of love during the course of a lifelong relationship ~ the future for a couple in love.

Visit Claire's website to see the key to the meaning behind each tile. You will be enchanted. http://clairefairweather.blogspot.com/2011/07/our-future-mosaic-artwork-is-now.html

Claire first used polymer clay to create unique contemporary ‘Art-Brooches’ and has been expanding her range of art and craft work, as she continues to accomplish new techniques with this wide ranging medium. She is now concentrating on creating larger pieces of mosaic artwork, using her own custom polymer clay tiles.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Polymer Clay Fairy Doors

I love the magic of Fairy Doors ~ my imagination soars to great heights with each one I see. I am pleased to present to you these beautiful Fairy Doors. (oops ~ I have mine included ~ you can judge for yourself if mine is beautiful.) (LOL)

Wooden Fairy Door ~ by Trina's Clay Creations
(my talented daugter)
A sweet wooden Fairy Door. A little portal into the world of make believe, where anything is possible and everything is sprinkled with sunshine and fairy dust! The door is surrounded with roses and green vines. There are stones around the steps. The whole piece was made entirely of polymer clay, mica powders were used to enhance and deepen the colors, and make it look as if it's been sprinkled with fairy dust.

You can visit Trina's Etsy Shop at:


Fairy Door created by
Betty Jo Hendershott. of Knightwork Studio

Is this a haunted fairy house? ~No~ it's a fairy portal, perfect for that special little fairy that adores spiders.

BJ is also an awesome jewelry designer. You can see her
and her daughters wonderful creations at:


My Newest Fairy Doors
by Sandy Prenzi

I had fun creating this little fair portal. Can't you just see a pretty little fairy entering this door. Her pixie face so filled with delight as she flits from room to room.


This little Fairy door is more like a house front. A Fairy from the Southwest would love this place to live.

You can visit my Etsy Shop at:

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Polymer Clay Mermaids

Mermaids are so fascinating. They have always
been pictured as beautiful creatures ~ with their slender
bodies, long flowing hair and extraordinary fish tails.

~ Today I am featuring three awesome Artists ~

Krishna ~ Created by Sharron Alexander

Krishna is a Stone fish inspired mermaid sculpted in a striking pose. She has stunning blue eyes. Detailed shading on her body. Water Lily body art was hand painted on her back. Her crusted tail and fins feature sparkling black, silver and purple colors. Accented with tiny beads and glitter to achieve a "stone" look. Base is multi colored rose coral-like. Hair is long wavy black mohair. Hair is accented with a crystal adorned crown. She is about 17 inches long from head to the end of her curvy tail. Entire piece is about 13 inches tall.

You can see more of Sharron's beautiful creations at: http://www.etsy.com/shop/scarletlilies09?ref=af_you_favitem


Baby Mermaid Chelsea ~ Created by J.M.Leotti

Baby Mermaid "Chelsea" is a one of a kind (OOAK) mermaid sculpture. She is sculpted out of hand-mixed polymer Baby Mermaid "Chelsea" is a one of a kind (OOAK) mermaid sculpture. She is sculpted out of hand-mixed polymer clay, I never use any molds, and there is no other one exactly like her in the world! She has brunette Tibetan lamb's hair, which is soft and silky. She wears a crown of seaweed, shells and bubbles. Her eyes were hand-crafted and are painted a clear sea green to symbolize the power of the great ocean, and they are lined with real lashes. She has a scaly pink tail which shimmers in the sunlight. Baby Mermaid has found a treasure: a necklace, which she likes to play with in her shell. She comes with a natural oyster shell, which has been filled with soft seaweed and other little shells. She is removable from her shell. Baby Mermaid Chelsea comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

You can see more of J.M. Leotti's creations at:


Golden Seashell Mermaid ~ Created by Elena Loukianova

This beautiful Mermaid is 6 inches tall. She comes with a display frame, which can be hung on a wall 2 small hooks are supplied on the back of the frame. Frame measurements are 8.5 in x 7 in. The figure is a One of a Kind sculpture, made entirely by hand, no molds used. The frame is also hand painted and decorated by the artist, accented with champagne gold and silver colors.

You can see more of Elena's beautiful creations at:

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Looking for Cake Toppers?

I am proud to present these wonderful creations that my daughter is selling in her Etsy Shop. Trina has been a polymer Clay artist for many years and, as you can see, she is a master at her craft. She has an Etsy Shop full of whimsical creations.

Little Girls would love this darling Mermaid with her
little friend' The Crab '. She would also be a
darling cake topper.

If you would like to give a gift for that someone special in
the service, whether it is Army, Navy or the Marines ,
Trina can create the figurine for you.

These beautiful swans make a beautiful wedding cake
topper, even the stones are made from polymer clay.

This little sheep sits so sweetly on this keepsake box .
She also comes as a wedding cake topper along with
her little sheep groom.

You can visit Trina's Etsy shop at: