Hello and Welcome to my Blog ~ I love art of all kinds. Two of my favorites are polymer clay and paper art. I have shops on Etsy that feature both of my passions. I also love writing my blog and finding artists that have a passion for their craft and feature them. I hope your day is filled with sunshine, laughter and loads of creativity.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Etsy is the Place to Buy and Sell

Marie Segal ~ Art From My Heart

In the Artist's Own Words:

I started in oils when I was ten. I have worked with polymer clay since 1978 and with ceramic clays since 1971. I have been and will be an artist all my life.

Woodland Creature Face Pendant

My Husband and I own http://www.ClayFactory.net Not just a clay store though, we carry all kinds of Jacquard products and paints, Makin's clay tool line and clay, Kemper cutters and complete tool line, Cernit big and little blocks, all colors, and vintage findings, rhinestones and books

You can visit Marie's fabulous Etsy Shop at:


Mojtaba Jalali's ~ Parsiart

Four Season's Signs Wall hanging Tile

Four Season's Signs Wall hanging Tile

This is a set of four tiles in a wooden frame. Each tile pattern represents a season surrounding the center shape of fishes. The pattern of the tile is applied on to a clay piece in a way that there are raised relief edges at the border of each decorative symbols and shapes. It has been painted and tempered for the color brightness and clay hardness.

Visit Mojtaba's Etsy Shop to see more of her lovely creations.

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E. Meggie McCarty ~ Dollfun Studio

Victorian Teacup Fairy Art Doll "Alina"

OOAK Sculpture Victorian Teacup Fairy Art Doll "Alina"

OOAK Sculpture Victorian Teacup Fairy Art Doll "Alina" OOAK Sculpture Victorian Teacup Fairy Art Doll "Alina" OOAK Sculpture Victorian Teacup Fairy Art Doll "Alina" OOAK Sculpture Victorian Teacup Fairy Art Doll "Alina" OOAK Sculpture Victorian Teacup Fairy Art Doll "Alina"

Alina is a one-of-a-kind creation, hand sculpted from polymer clay without the use of any molds. She was built over a wire armature for strength and baked according to manufacturer's specifications. She was sculpted with great attention to every detail. Her inset eyes were made by the artist, and her body had been blushed and sealed. Her hair is Tibetan lamb wool styled into a Victorian hairdo. Her one of a kind wings are removable. The doll is equivalent to 7.5" sculpt. She comes with a lovely teacup.

You can see more of these awesome creations at:

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Not Only a Card, but a Gift as well.

I am starting to create my Polymer Clay Christmas
Ornament cards for my Etsy Shop. This is my very first.

Christmas Ornament Card ~ by Sandy Prenzi

Monday, June 20, 2011

Very Impressive Sculpting

In the Artists Words:
Since many Years creating fine art dolls,sculptures and miniatures in polymer clay. Elves,Trolls,Pixie´s,Fae´s,Wee Folk and of course 1/12 scale Miniatures like Witches and Wizard´s. I started with creating "Thicket People Pixie Originales"in January 2008

Be sure to visit her wonderful blog that is full of awesome creations: http://fairystudiokallies.blogspot.com/



Cerchio Fatato

In the Artist's Words:

Hello! My name is Barbara and I am Italian. I have always had a passion for creative arts, in 2006 I discovered the wonderful world of OOAK polymer clay. My favorite subjects are fairies and witches, but everything about the fantasy world fascinates me.

"Leila" by cerchiofatato

OOAK "Leila" sculpture art doll fantasy in polymer clay

OOAK "Leila" sculpture art doll fantasy in polymer clay OOAK "Leila" sculpture art doll fantasy in polymer clay OOAK "Leila" sculpture art doll fantasy in polymer clay OOAK "Leila" sculpture art doll fantasy in polymer clay OOAK "Leila" sculpture art doll fantasy in polymer clay

This fairy has been sculpted with Sculpey Living Doll polymer clay by me without using mold and never will be reproduced. She has a soft body and only her head, half bust, hands and half legs are sculpted, she is NOT a poseable doll, but if you need you can move up a bit arms to be more comfortable to put the metal doll stand.

Hand painted features and make up with Genesis paint. The Tibetan lamb hairs are applied lock by lock. She has ready-made eyes. Shoes are hand made by me with fabric and leather. Wings are hand made by me with mixed media and they are easily removed for safe shipping. She comes with a doll stand in white metal.


Terry Stone ~ Fantasy Figures

In the Artist's words:
While leafing through a Lady's Home Journal Christmas Issue, I came across a how to article on salt dough ornaments. I gave it a try and soon people were asking me to purchase them. My little business took off working from my kitchen and using my dining room as my sewing and storage area. My medium now is polymer clay using mainly Prosculp.

Mrs. Tiddly Winks the mouse

Mrs. Tiddly Winks the mouse Mrs. Tiddly Winks the mouse Mrs. Tiddly Winks the mouse Mrs. Tiddly Winks the mouse Mrs. Tiddly Winks the mouse

One of a kind, hand sculptured Mouse with babies in pockets by award winning artist Terry Stone. Dressed entirely in Victorian fabric. Mrs. Tiddly Winks is 9 inches tall.

You can visit her Etsy Shop at:



My Newest Polymer Clay Pendant Greeting Card
By Sandy Prenzi

This is not only a greeting card, but a gift as well. I created this little Indian boy out of polymer clay, It measures approximately 3" tall by 3" Wide and a ribbon necklace is included.

The card has been left blank on the inside for your own inscription and comes gift wrapped to give to that special someone. You can view this card in my Etsy Shop at: http://www.etsy.com/shop/mstp

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Most Unusual Fairy Wings

When I read about these wings, I was stunned! What an unusual
and innovative idea Lisa Owens came up with.

Moth winged fairy

This little fairy has delicate features, especially her wings! Her wings are from a moth found in Drain, Oregon. The wings were treated with a high gloss sealer and added wire on the edging to hold these delicate wings in place.

The wings also come out, so they will not get damaged during shipment. They can and will break under too much bending or pressure, so handle with a delicate hand.

You can see more of Lisa's beautiful creations at:


Polymer Clay Greeting Card
by Sandy Prenzi

This is not only a greeting card, but a gift as well.

This unique face is also a pendant which I created out of polymer clay and then antiqued. I placed the pendant on a burgundy feather which contrasts well with the botanical design on the vellum. The card stock that I used for this card is forest green.

The pendant also comes with a black ribbon necklace. I will be posting this card in my Etsy Shop today.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Saga of Emmi and the Skunk

My Granddaughter Melissa and her dog Emmi are spending this weekend with me.

Now, you wouldn't think this sweet innocent looking pooch (who is a Yorkshire Terrier/Maltese mix) would be chasing a skunk and of all things in my back yard. It's not like I live in the country (I'm talking over 250,000 people live here)

For some reason, this huge skunk has taken up residence under my patio. I have done my best to seal up all the entrances, but this very agile skunk somehow flattens himself into a black and white pancake and can get into the smallest of openings.

As soon as Emmi spotted the skunk, she ran across the yard like she was on fire. The skunk seeing the gravity of the situation ran as fast as it could, but Emmi being much faster was gaining on it in record time. She was shocked when the skunk suddenly stopped in it's tracks, but in her infinite doggie wisdom, kept on going thinking in her Terrier way that she was going to get the prize.

Emmi was ready to pounce when suddenly a cloud of the most potent skunk perfume spewed out and hit her with all it's force, smack dab, in her beautiful little face. Boy, oh boy, was that ever a show stopper!! Needless to say the skunk was enjoying his great escape, leaving Emmi smelling so horrible that she couldn't even stand being around herself.

Melissa raced to the store and bought two large cans of tomato juice. Instructions being that you pour one all over the victim, rub it into the affected area, rinse well and shampoo, then repeat the process. Amazingly, this works really well. I wish I could have done the same thing with my sunroom. Unfortunately, we had to live with the odor masked (not very well) with a spray bottle of fabreze.

Here are some tips that my wonderful readers gave me:


I had a toy poodle do that a few years ago. You are right, the tomato juice works well for the puppy but she cornered the skunk UNDER my house. (Raised foundation construction) My daughter and I took everything fabric out of the house - clothes, linens, mattresses, everything! Wiped down everything with lysol, then Fabrezed. Still the smell hung around. Finally my uncle - after laughing until he cried - told me to scatter coffee grounds under the house where the skunk sprayed. Worked like a charm! I also installed a fence!!! No more skunks under the house!


Having had horses, dogs, cats etc for many years; I rely on this recipe, tested by Texas A & M, to deodorize pets and surfaces.

It's never failed!


* 1 16 ounce bottle hydrogen peroxide
* 1/4 cup baking soda (up to)
* 1/4 cup shampoo (if using on a pet) OR 1/4 cup good liquid dish soap (i.e. Dawn, Joy if using on surfaces)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Polymer Clay Greeting Cards

I always loved creating cards and here are a few
that I incorporated with pol
ymer clay.

I thought these butterfly designs were pretty cute and using pearl-X really makes them pop.

I used turquoise card stock for t
he card, then cut a circle out of heavy textured paper and topped it with purple mulberry. I love all the textures and layers this card has. The butterfly is resting on pink polymer with faint swirls of purple and I used Pearl-X to give the wings a luminous look.

I am always amazed at how pliable the flat pieces of polymer clay are after they are cured. It is so easy to cut them if you are not quite satisfied with the outcome.

I created this card last year for a friend of mine who's birthday is on Halloween. She always wanted a witch's hat pendent and I made this one for her and attached it to her birthday card.

She was so happy to receive this gift and I loved making it for her.

I created this purple pendant for this card.  The lace frame was created using a punch.  

I decided to create two butterflys for this card. I have a lace corner cutter that I used and it really makes this card appear quite delicate. The butterflys are resting on turquoise clay and the embellishments have all been brushed with Pearl-X. I sure do love that stuff!!!!

I finished the corners with pink photo corner holders, as I thought they gave the card a rather fine finish.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Unique Polymer Clay Light Switch Covers

Sandy's Creations in Clay ~ Sandy Prenzi

This Steampunk piece I created as a challenge for my Etsy Polymer Clay Enthusiasts Team. It was my first attempt at covering a wall outlet and found it so simple to create. I used the heavy duty plastic plate that was already there and went by the polymer clay manufacturers directions for curing it.

I did have to use a longer screw however, to put it back on my wall. I have it in my kitchen and it is fully functional.

I am planning on making more unique covers as they are fun to make and very whimsical.

Cheryl Dolby Originals

Cheryl Dolby, a native of Warren, Ohio, now resides in Roanoke, VA, where after spending 15 years as a stained glass artist, teacher, and shop owner, became interested in clay sculpture. Her interest soon became an obsession and since 1984 she has exhibited her sculpture at shows and galleries throughout the country.
Cheryl's four books and other artwork can be viewed and purchased from her etsy shop. You can see more of her work at Cheryl Dolby Originals.

Alicia's Creations
All artwork and jewelry seen here is hand sculpted by clay artist Alicia Merritt.
Alicia's passion for parrots is evident in every unique piece of jewelry she sculpts. http://www.parrotjewelry.com/lightswitchplates.html

Tobi Liedes-Bell
covers laid with polymer clay
In Tobi's own Words:
About five years ago, I discovered, quite by accident, polymer clay. I really didn't know what to make of it at first, but then I discovered Christi Friesen's books and she's been an inspiration to me ever since.

You can see more of Tobi's creations a
t: http://artsbytobi.com/aboutme.ht


Tutorial by: Syndee Holt

  • Pearl Ex Pigments (as many colors as you like)
  • Premo! Sculpey black clay (one 2 ounce package per each switch cover)
  • Blank switch covers (I prefer the brass ones, but most plastic will work also.
  • Scratch Art Texture Sheets
  • Clay dedicated pasta machine or rolling pin to flatten the clay
  • Small paint brush
  • Small squirt bottle of water

Test your plastic switch cover in the oven at full temperature for baking the clay for about 5 minutes before proceeding with the decorating instructions).


  1. Lightly spray selected texture sheet with water, to act as a "mold release."
  2. Place flattened piece of conditioned clay on texture sheet and roll clay to emboss texture.
  3. If using pasta machine, roll clay through on widest setting, then roll through with texture sheet on same setting.
  4. Peel off clay and place textured side down.
  5. Place the original cover face down on clay and trim with 1/4" salvage.
  6. Wrap edges up around sides of cover and trim to back edge.
  7. Trim out area for switch and screws.
  8. Flip over and apply colors of Pearl Ex to the high points of the texture.
  9. Bake as directed on clay package and allow to cool...and install!


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wonderful Artwork from Etsy Artisans

Alelnka is from Croatia ~ she opened her Etsy shop April 2011
You can visit her shop at:  http://www.etsy.com/shop/Feelingfimo?ref=pr_shop_more

Alelnka's own words:
I am a self taught polymer clay artist,enjoying deeply in transforming ideas into jewelry.Inspired by everyday little things, emotions, people, desires, nature, fantasy..every piece I make contains a piece of my spirit as I work it through my mind, hands and heart to bring before You what I had imagined.

Mermaid song by: Feelingfimo

Mermaid song

Unique handmade mixed media necklace. Made with polymer clay,metal foil, red coral, pearl, copper wire and leather components. No molds and no paint used. Varnished to give it extra gloss and protection.


Olga Ayala Handicrafts

Olga Ayala ~ she opened her Etsy Shop July 2008
Olga's own words:
I'm a Nuyorican (Puerto Rican New Yorker) that grew up in the heart of Spanish Harlem inNew York City, and I'm an alumnus of The High School of Art & Design in New York City.

Lizard Vase by olgaayala
Lizard Vase

Olga sculpted a polymer clay lizard and perched it on a glass vase that she covered with a veneer of polymer clay.Lush shades of tropical greens punctuated with a tiny dash of color brings a taste of the tropics into any decor. Fully functional.

Phoenix Reborn Art
Ashley Berry ~ she opened her Etsy Shop in February of 2011
You can visit her shop at ~ http://www.etsy.com/shop/Phoenixrebornart?ref=seller_info 

Fond Kitten Sculpture

A tender-hearted sculpture dedicated to the members of her family they love so dearly, and who love them unconditionally in return with such purity and simplicity--our pets.This 7 in. tall, 3 1/4 in. wide sculpture is crafted from polymer clay, over an armature of tin foil and wire, then painted in acrylic and oil. The glass eyes appear black at first glance, but certain lighting reveals a soft turquoise hue.


Cute Amalia Dolls 
Amalia is from France ~ she opened her Etsy Shop in May of 2011

Amalia's own words:  I am a art doll creator, My dolls are born by my moods and desires; I create with my heart, my hand and paperclay of course!

By  cuteamaliadolls

OOAK  Jointed Art Doll "Alice" in air dry clay Handmade

Jointed air dry clay doll pastes self-hardening, no molds are used, it 's painted in acrylic and matvarnish. Her name is Alice, inspired by Lewis Caroll 's book: "Alice in wonderland".She's jointed at the arms ,bust and legs, the legs are tied together by a black satin ribbon.


 Handmade Mom
 Tina Goodrich from San Diego ~ she opened her Etsy Shop March of 2009
  You can visit her Etsy Shop at: http://www.etsy.com/shop/handmademom?ref=seller_info  
Steampunk Heart Pendant, Grape by handmademom

Made from black polymer clay, this heart pendant has got a lot going on! The steampunk parts are clock works, clay swirls and dots highlighted with a more silvery purple. Also some non-tarnish silver wire helping to hold the watch parts. The color was rubbed on with the pearl powders! It's been given a coat of polyurethane.


Jenifer Thoem from Richmond VA ~ she opened her Etsy Shop in April 2011
You can visit her ship at: http://www.etsy.com/shop/flowerbloomerz?ref=seller_info
She was drawn to the fact that clay could be anything, limited only by her imagination…. and the boundaries that the clay set for her. She was influenced by the Southern folk artists of her area, and intrigued by traditional African masks and sculptures.She throws each Flower Bloomerz pot on the wheel and hand builds the face. She uses high fire stoneware clay that is fired over 2200 degrees, allowing them to live outside. Each one is made by Jenifer, and is signed and dated on the back.

Kissing FlowerbloomerZ by flowerbloomerz

Each clay Flower Bloomerz® is designed to give personality to any plant or flower you own. They come in two styles; kissing and smiling. The bottomless design allows you to grow seasonal flowers without ever having to repot. You can use it to decorate a potted plant or simply slip the pot over a plant already growing from the ground. Each Flower Blommerz® is crafted from strong stoneware clay that provides years of outside use. Each one is a handmade original and is signed by the artist.