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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Etsy is the Place to Buy and Sell

Marie Segal ~ Art From My Heart

In the Artist's Own Words:

I started in oils when I was ten. I have worked with polymer clay since 1978 and with ceramic clays since 1971. I have been and will be an artist all my life.

Woodland Creature Face Pendant

My Husband and I own http://www.ClayFactory.net Not just a clay store though, we carry all kinds of Jacquard products and paints, Makin's clay tool line and clay, Kemper cutters and complete tool line, Cernit big and little blocks, all colors, and vintage findings, rhinestones and books

You can visit Marie's fabulous Etsy Shop at:


Mojtaba Jalali's ~ Parsiart

Four Season's Signs Wall hanging Tile

Four Season's Signs Wall hanging Tile

This is a set of four tiles in a wooden frame. Each tile pattern represents a season surrounding the center shape of fishes. The pattern of the tile is applied on to a clay piece in a way that there are raised relief edges at the border of each decorative symbols and shapes. It has been painted and tempered for the color brightness and clay hardness.

Visit Mojtaba's Etsy Shop to see more of her lovely creations.

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E. Meggie McCarty ~ Dollfun Studio

Victorian Teacup Fairy Art Doll "Alina"

OOAK Sculpture Victorian Teacup Fairy Art Doll "Alina"

OOAK Sculpture Victorian Teacup Fairy Art Doll "Alina" OOAK Sculpture Victorian Teacup Fairy Art Doll "Alina" OOAK Sculpture Victorian Teacup Fairy Art Doll "Alina" OOAK Sculpture Victorian Teacup Fairy Art Doll "Alina" OOAK Sculpture Victorian Teacup Fairy Art Doll "Alina"

Alina is a one-of-a-kind creation, hand sculpted from polymer clay without the use of any molds. She was built over a wire armature for strength and baked according to manufacturer's specifications. She was sculpted with great attention to every detail. Her inset eyes were made by the artist, and her body had been blushed and sealed. Her hair is Tibetan lamb wool styled into a Victorian hairdo. Her one of a kind wings are removable. The doll is equivalent to 7.5" sculpt. She comes with a lovely teacup.

You can see more of these awesome creations at:

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Not Only a Card, but a Gift as well.

I am starting to create my Polymer Clay Christmas
Ornament cards for my Etsy Shop. This is my very first.

Christmas Ornament Card ~ by Sandy Prenzi


Trina (Trina's Clay Creations) said...

It's always wonderful to see the fantastic work of Marie Segal! Thank you for featuring her.

The Victorian Teacup Fairy Art Doll by E. Meggie McCarty is one of my favorites, I've seen her work before and love it!!!

I love that Four Seasons tile work in the frame, gorgeous!

Wishing you lots of sales with your ornament Christmas cards! Your first one is wonderful!


clay tiles said...

Beautiful inspiration for my "A" level art work at last! amazing!!!