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Friday, November 9, 2012

Einstein ~ A One of a Kind Polymer Clay Art Doll

Jim is from Komotini Greece and opened his Etsy Shop
 Deep Sheep Dolls in October of 2012.  

With an original background in illustration and animation, about 15 years ago, he discovered the art of model making which gave him a perfect chance to combine all his skills and interests in a single artistic medium.

The lack of any specialized training courses in Greece forced him to become entirely self-taught through endless hours of experimentation, trial & error. 

ALL of his work is entirely One Of A Kind!   He NEVER uses molds or sculpting aids of any sort.

Einstein is a VERY important chap. Arguably.. THE most important person of the past century! And for anyone who knows Jim well... they will tell you that he holds a very special place in his heart! 

It is such a pleasure being around this old fella. He rarely has time for small talk, he will NEVER interrupt your thought process and (most importantly) does NOT tap his foot while he is in the middle of an earth-shaking, ground-breaking, mind-blowing idea (..which is almost always as you can imagine... so Thank God!). 

Lastly, he knows how to work that blackboard juuuuust RIGHT... so that you won't find yourself going mad over any repeated, squeaky sounds in the middle of the night! 

All he needs is a couple of refills a day of his favorite green tea (which is oh! so good for intensive brain-work) and he will gladly share some of his genius with you and your loved ones ;-) 

Einstein was sculpted out of polymer clay over a strong wire armature.

His attire is entirely handmade using a plethora of high quality fabrics, adornments and accessories CUSTOM made by Jim. His hair is mohair and he is blushed with high-end acrylic paints. 

Albert will bring to his new home his entire work-space as well (Oh yes!), which is handmade by Jim! That includes a Plexiglass Display Case with Everything and Anything a world renown genius will EVER need!      (Please visit Jim's shop to see this marvelous display case.)

You can visit Jim's shop at:     


Trina (Trina's Clay Creations) said...

I have this in my favorites, I loved it when I first saw it!! Awesome work, love the whole display that the artist created as the background too.

Lisa J. Ammerman said...

This is a great doll! Thanks for sharing him!