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Saturday, May 14, 2016

All Dogs Go To Heaven

Penny Lane Prenzi - August 21, 2006 - May 5, 2016

I am heartbroken.  A week ago Thursday, I had to have Penny Lane put to sleep.  She was going to be 10 years old on August 21st.  Born on my mother's birthday, I felt she was a gift from my mom who had passed away when I was only 21. 

Penny had given me so much joy with her every day antics.  She loved going out in the back yard and chase the wild bunnies that seemed to love it as much as she did.  Our yard has so much wildlife. We have possums, skunks, loads of birds and squirrels and of course the bunnies.  The squirrels would taunt her from the fence and rooftop.  They would chatter and run back and forth giving Penny quite a work-out from the ground.  

Her favorite thing to do was lay on top of the chair in the living room where she had the perfect view of the front yard and all the people with their dogs walking by.  She would announce their presence with loud barks then run to the front door just in case they dare step foot in the yard. 

How she loved her toys. The first thing she would do with a new toy is take the squeaker and all of the filling out leaving nothing but a flat piece of cloth which hardly resembled a toy at all.  She did have some stuffed toys that didn't come with squeakers that I would find in the toy isle. She would look so funny as she carted them around the house as they would hide most of her face. She always had to have a toy in her mouth.  If anyone came to visit she would run around the house to find a toy so she could greet them and how she did this was beyond me. She would bark or trumpet with the toy in her mouth and it wouldn't fall out.  She was extremely talented!!!

She was the ultimate lap dog.  I loved it so much when she would climb up onto my lap and curl herself into a little ball and go to sleep.  She loved giving kisses, going for walks and especially loved her snacks, whether it was those tiny carrots or her biscuits. She was ready for a snack anytime of the day or night. Sometimes she was stubborn about coming in from the backyard and I would have to bribe with a snack and it always worked.

Penny Lane was a beautiful little dog.  Her personality was the cutest. From the way she would cock her little head trying to understand every thing I would say to singing along with you whenever we sang happy birthday.

I truly expected to have many more years with her than I did.  Her heart was weak and all the medication and doctors that she had during the final weeks of her life couldn't help her.  She will always have a special place in my heart.  

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Trina Prenzi said...

Oh Mom, such a beautiful tribute to Penny Lane, it brought tears to my eyes reading it. She was very loved and you gave her a wonderful life. Her little life was too short though, and she will be so very missed. All the cute and funny things that she did, all the precious memories, they will be with you (and all of us) always, as will a part of Penny's dear sweet heart. She had to go over the rainbow bridge now, but all that she gave you will be with you forever. I can picture her chasing those critters in heaven, just as she so loved to do. Hugs to you Mom, I love you.