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Friday, May 27, 2011

Maureen Carlson- Polymer Clay Artist

The magical creations of Maureen Carlson
ARTIST: Maureen Carlson has been creating mixed-media figures in clay and cloth since the 1970's, with her primary medium being polymer clay. From 1979 to 1991 she sold her clay characters, dolls and puppets at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival and other Twin Cities area venues. Recently, after many years of creating artwork whose primary purpose was instructional, she has begun once again making original artwork to sell at shows and through teaching venues. At the July 2010 Owatonna Art Festival she received an Award of Merit.
TELEVISION PERSONALITY: She has appeared on the Carol Duvall Show on HGTV as well as on Aleene’s Creative Living Television Show.

Maureen is an amazing woman. You can read her full Biography at: http://www.artofthedollmn.com/maureen-carlson.html

Maureen designs flex molds which you can see at the following link: http://www.polymerclayexpress.com/molds2.html

Check out her website too: http://www.maureencarlson.com/

Grace Dancing

in private collection

12 inches tall

Polymer clay, acrylic paint, wire

Polymer clay is the medium of choice for artist Maureen Carlson whose works, Grace Dancing and Contemplation, show the magic that can happen when one "sculpts with color". The wall-mounted pieces combines figurative sculpture with surface design techniques. The only paint used on this piece was for the facial features

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Trina (Trina's Clay Creations) said...

I always enjoy seeing the work of Maureen Carlson! She is an amazing polymer clay artist!