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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Marika Spijkers Awesome Claywork

This awesome creation by Marika Spijkers is on Pinterest as being created
 by someone else. If you belong to Pinterest and see this
wonderful creation, please make sure that
Marika gets the credit for her work.

These little whimsical creatures found a window to our world, they are very curious and all want to take a peek. The window is 8x8 inches, each face approximately 2 inches. The faces are made of Puppenfimo, a polymer clay.

About the Artist:~Marika-Spijkers
 Marika lives in Den Bosch in The Netherlands. She has been sculpting fantasy and other figurines since she was nineteen. 
Her favorite sculpting medium is polymer clay but also uses airdrying clay quite often. Sources of inspiration for her are fantasy and SF novels, the work of Brian Froud , Alan Lee, Tim Burton and many more.


Trina (Trina's Clay Creations) said...

Awesome work, Marika is incredibly talented!! Thank you for this feature, and for letting us know that this piece is not credited to her properly on Pinterest. That is a HUGE problem on Pinterest, I have blogged about it myself.

Marika Spijkers said...

Hi Sandy, thank you for the rectification and the kind article about my work. :)
There are more pics of the picture frame on my website, this is the direct link to this piece: http://members.home.nl/asrai/pictureframe.htm


Roberta said...

This is exactly the problem with Pinterest. I blogged about it as well when I found a few of my pieces mislabled. I know it wasn't done on purpose but it is all too common on the site.