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Monday, March 26, 2012

Mini Felt Hat


I had a week of being under the weather and while I was recuperating 
I decided to try my hand at creating a mini felt hat. Figuring out
 a pattern was a bit of a bummer, but in saying that, 
I was pleased with the outcome.  

I pinked the edges of the brim, which I wish now I hadn't.  Next time I will just make a plain cut.  I used a headband for the hatband and a pre-made flower for the embellishment.
Then I thought it needed one more thing and came across this little feather.
How fun it was to create something different.


Diane said...

It's adorable - the feather made it! Who is this being marketed towards - kids, adults?

Sandy's Creations in Clay said...

Thank you Diane. I have seen them on kids and adults too. I also noticed that a lot of the steampunk crowd are into these felt mini hats.

Trina (Trina's Clay Creations) said...

Very cute hat!! Love the purple with the black!

Reach said...

Love this and you did it from scratch - double wow!

Sandy's Creations in Clay said...

Thank you Trina ~ I love purple and black together, I think it is so classy.

Sandy's Creations in Clay said...

Thank you Gayl for the wows. I was kinda saying that too when I was finished with it. Hee Hee