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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ines Fonseca's Little Creatures

Ines Fonseca
Ines is from Portugal and currently lives in Scotland.  She started playing with polymer clay sixteen years ago and it became her favorite hobby. 

The little Creatures are handmade creations, carefully crafted and designed. They reflect the pleasure she has in nature and in simple things.

This birdhouse magnet is part of the Birdhouse Magnets Series. It will be the perfect gift to brighten up a message board or your fridge.

Camellia is often found nibbling succulent leaves from the tallest trees in the savannah. She will be enchanted to be part of your daily outfit, or given as a special gift.

This brooch is a unique creation, designed and crafted by me.  

Lola is a hot water fish who likes to meander through seaweeds in search of pretty seashells. She will be the perfect accessory for a summer promenade. 

The fish is made of delicate scales made with several shades of blue polymer clay and carefully placed to resemble fish scales. This is a unique brooch as no molds were used .

You can visit Little Creatures at  http://www.etsy.com/shop/Thelittlecreatures


Anonymous said...

Thank you much for featuring my work! It is a real privilege to be on your blog :)

Trina (Trina's Clay Creations) said...

Ines work is so adorable!! I especially love the little birdhouse and bird!