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Friday, October 22, 2010

Another Use for Gauze

October's North Texas Polymer Clay Meeting

I had a list of things a mile long that I needed to take with me to the meeting and I knew that I couldn't fit them all in a plastic bag, so off I went to Michaels with my 40% off coupon in hand and bought this huge traveling craft bag.I thought it would be too big, but how mistaken I was, as it turned out it was just the right size.

I had a whole hour before the meeting was to start, plenty of time even though this particular meeting wasn't at it's usual place. I took my time packing and when I began zipping the bag up I noticed that the zipper was broken. Okay, don't panic, I said to myself, Michaels is only a hop away. I quickly emptied the case, grabbed my keys and off I went.

Rushing into the store I quickly explained my problem to the overly zealous clerk. She smiled and explained that she was a whiz at fixing zippers and would have it fixed ASAP. Well, I didn't have ASAP, but I patiently waited and soon she realized she wasn't the whiz she thought she was and told me to go and get another. I raced across the store with a speed I didn't know I possessed. With a new case in tow, I thanked her as I raced out the door. I'm sure some of the patrons must have thought I was a thief.

I finally made it back home, but time was dwindling. I quickly packed my bag and out the door I went.

All I can say is WOW! Lynda Evans (who is a member of the Guild) presented a demo on her "Liquid Clay Gauze Bracelets" I had no idea that medical gauze could magically transform into something of beauty. The only time I ever used it was when one of my kids needed it for an injury and that was never a pretty sight.

I love how organized this group is. There were more than 40 people there and everyone had a birds-eye view, because it is videoed on a large screen. After Lynda's presentation, we went back to our tables and proceeded to made our own bracelets. Rubber gloves were one of the items on the list and I could see why. If I didn't have them my nails would have been green, although with Halloween coming round the bend the look would have been quite appropriate.

Anyway, back to the bracelet. I know that I could have done a lot more with mine. Especially after seeing the amazing work that some of the ladies were doing, I really felt mine paled in comparison, but here it is in all its glory for you to see. I am going to make more of them, because they are so much fun to make.

The meeting ended with a Halloween swap. It was so much fun! I made this little pumpkin pie with a pumpkin and black cat decorating the top. I can't wait to find out what the theme is for next month.

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