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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tory Hughes

North Texas Polymer Clay Guild

The September meeting which was my first, featured Tory Hughes. She presented a demo on “Integrating Wire with Polymer, for Functional and Decorative Use”.

Tory has been working with polymer clay since she was 13. In 1992-1994 she actually invented many of the techniques and approaches now in common use everywhere. She has been in business professionally as an artist in galleries and fine craft shows since 1982. Her art is in major museums nationally and private collections worldwide. She has recorded 15 DVD’s, is in six books and she has written two - the newest one “Five Simple Directions”
I must say, her presentation was wonderful and very easy for a novice to understand. This is one of several pieces that she passed around for all to see. One of the methods I found quite interesting was how she actually carved the clay piece once it was cured. I also loved her demonstration on using hinges in her creations. She is not only interesting, but a wonderful talented artist.I am so impressed with our Guild. Even though we meet only once a month, I am inundated with all kinds of wonderful e-mails, from seeing what other Guild members are doing with their clay to receiving some wonderful coupons.
I received this color test, which I thought would be a snap. I worked and reworked the hues until I thought they were perfect. Ha! Not so perfect! Actually, I was a failure at it, well not exactly a failure, but I thought I was right on. Try your eyes at it and see how well you do

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