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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ground in Clay on Carpet - No Problem

I had gotten some black clay (which was really ground in) on my champagne colored carpet, and thought for sure it wouldn't come out, but low and behold, baby oil to the rescue. After moaning about it for awhile I searched the internet and found a solution to my problem. But after reading it I thought to myself "Sure, baby oil, now my rug will not only have a black stain, but it will be oily too."

Well, being desperate to get the stain out, I bought some baby oil and followed the directions I had gotten from the internet. Was I ever surprised. It came out beautifully.

Here's the Scoop:
Take a stiff brush and brush out as much of the problem area as you can.
Then add a drip of baby oil to the area and let it set for a moment.
With a white cloth rub the area that's affected.
Then brush again.

It might take a couple of applications if there is a large spot of clay. I don't know if it works on all carpets, but it did on mine and I was so thankful.

But now to another tragedy and yes, it involves the baby oil. I had lost the top to the bottle so it sat open on my craft table. (which I'll never do again) A few days after my first incident I accidentally knocked the open bottle of oil over, and it spilled and when I say spilled, it gushed out of the bottle right onto the carpet. My mind was spinning, what could I do. First I took paper towels and blotted up as much as I could, then seeing the baby powder sitting on the craft table, I quickly sprinkled some on (actually a lot) thinking that it would soak up the oil. Well it did, but it took several applications before it was oil free. Lastly, I left a paper towel on the top of it and every once in a while would press on it just to see if any oil bled through and it didn't.

All I can say is Thank God for babies in every way, but especially right now for their oil and powder which came to my rescue.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for your post, Sandy! I'll make sure everyone in my guild gets the word (and I'll be sure to give you credit for it!!).