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Monday, November 1, 2010

November Polymer Guild Meeting

Our November Guild Meeting is going to be presenting "Designing Swirl Elements" demonstrated by Nancy Lotzer.

About Nancy Lotzer: After retiring from teaching preschool she found her creative spirit with polymer clay. She has been playing and exploring with this marvelous medium since 2002. She loves mica clays, making vessels and working with any technique that involves tiny, overly intricate details.

She will demo the basic swirl technique and will show examples of how to change things up to make that ultimate swirl element to use in your designs.

I am looking forward to her presentation as I have never gotten the hang of a swirl. Here is an example of what she will be teaching us.

We will be bringing our supplies to the meeting and creating something with a swirl design and I will post mine even if it comes out terrible. So, you will either be feasting your eyes on something beautiful or you will be wondering why I didn't throw it in the round file. Wish me luck.


Theresa said...

Thanks for the information on Nancy's Demo. I can't wait. I missed last month's meeting because I had to work. NTPCG are a bunch of VERY talented Women! See you there.

Sandy's Creations said...

You missed a great meeting last month and Nancy's Demo is going to be terrific this month. You are right NTPCG are a bunch of very talented women, but now we have a new member and the new member is a man.
See you at the meeting.