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Monday, November 15, 2010

Tear Drop Blend

Yesterday my Guild had a presentation on Skinner Blends. The Tear Drop Blend was very interesting to me so today I looked it up and found that Cindy Lietz invented this method. It is a far less scientific manner of creating the Skinner Blend. She named it the Tear Drop Blend which is quite appropriate as you can see by the picture.

She hated all the measuring involved and came up with this great way of making this easy blend. She created tear drops in different colors and laid them next to each other in opposite directions giving them the look of triangles

Then she rolled the blend instead of folding and found that it would blend almost ten times faster.


This meant instead of taking ten minutes to make a blend from start to finish, she could do one in under a minute!


She could do tiny little test blends to see if she liked it before committing to a large batch. This to me is so exciting.

Creating a whole rainbow of colors is a snap with this technique. No more figuring out exactly how to cut the right shapes so that they will fit together. No more measuring or cutting at all. Easy and fast.

She coined this modified Skinner Blend technique as the Tear Drop Method.

I am anxious to try it out. It sure would save me time and a lot of frustration and that's always a good thing.

You can visit Cindy's blog and read more about this wonderful tear drop method at:


Trina (Trina's Clay Creations) said...

This is so great! I can't wait to try it myself!! Thanks for sharing :)

Melobeau said...

Looks interesting and EASY. Thanks for sharing Cindy's method.

Dorothy~~~MN said...

Cindy started out rolling it, but then I believe she put in through the pasta machine. And then she would fold it again and roll with the acrylic roller and then the pasta machine, etc., etc. That is my memory of how she did it. If you want to check it out you can go to her website www.beadsandbeading.com

Anonymous said...

I'm going to try this! Thanks so much!

Gianna said...

Cindy created a super smart & easy method of doing blends...especially for multiple colors, or when trying new color combinations. Cindy's video tutorial shows how to do her Teardrop Method in detail.

The link takes you to Cindy's blog, with the post & the intro video to her tute. All of Cindy's videos are really well-done...it's easy to see exactly what she's doing, the sound is great, etc. She offers free videos & recipes when you sign up for her newsletter. When you become a library member, you recieve amazing new videos each week for less than a buck! I've been a member for a year now, and it's the best decision ever!