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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Three Of My Favorite Polymer Clay Artisans

Their creations are exquisite to say the least. I wanted to feature them because they have changed the world of polymer clay with their awesome creations.

Fimo Gecko Papa ~ by Jon Anderson

His astonishing Fimo Creations Polymer Clay animal sculptures offer a unique expression of the beauty of nature, created by hand in polymer clay to produce breathtaking multicolored pieces that blend the influence of organic forms and timeless folk-art traditions with upscale contemporary style and immaculate attention to detail.

Each elephant, frog, gecko, turtle, snake, cat, wolf, polar bear, buffalo, horse or duck polymer clay piece has its own look - no two fimo sculptures are exactly alike. Every image from the wild boasts its own array of colors and shapes, and is sure to please dedicated collectors and hobbyist nature fans alike. You can view more of his creations

at: http://www.swdecor.com/jon-stuart-anderson.htm

Alligator Shoe ~ by Katherine Dewey

Literally translated, the word leprechaun means "he who makes one left shoe". Made for the Kato Polyclay "Feet of Clay" exhibit at the 2004 Hobby Industry Association convention, this Alligator Slipper brought out the leprechaun in me. Size 6, made for the left foot, this shoe is one of a kind and is currently in a traveling exhibition.

purchased by exhibitor

Elvenwork is the name for the direct sculptures artist Katherine Dewey who has been creating for more than 30 years. Her medium is polymer clay, with which she brings to life fanciful, exquisitely detailed sculptures of elves, fairies, and gnomes of every description. Her six to eight-inch figures are so finely detailed they maintain their qualities even when viewed through jeweler's lenses. Look for her book, "Creating Life-Like Animals in Polymer Clay", published by North Light Books in March, 2000 and see her latest book, "Creating Life like Figures" available everywhere! Katherine is featured in most polymer clay forums and web sites. You can view more of her work at: http://www.elvenwork.com/elvsamp1.html

Fantasy Fairys ~ By Sue Heaser

"Tiny fairies with gossamer wings and petal dresses show that polymer clays such as Fimo and Cernit can produce extremely delicate results. These fairies are about an inch tall, and are made to sit neatly on a right-angle edge, a leaf, or even on a silk flower. Alternatively, they can be made standing up. They make irresistible gifts for anyone with a weakness for tiny things, and positioned in a secret corner of a dollhouse, they add a little sparkle of magic!"

You can see more of her work at:


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Trina (Trina's Clay Creations) said...

Amazing polymer clay work by all three Artists. I have admired Jon Anderson's work for years, I love the beautiful intricate designs on his pieces. Sue Heaser's fairies are amazing... such wonderful detail and so tiny, adorable. And Katherine Dewey's lifelike sculptures are incredible!! I can see why these are three of your favorite artisans!! :)