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Monday, July 25, 2011

Polymer Clay Perfume Pendants ~ Necklaces and Corsets


From the Artist:
I live in Sisak, a town in central Croatia with my hubby, two fantastic kids, basset hound and a parrot:)

I am a self-taught polymer clay artist.  My work is characterized by playfulness and asymmetry of the composition with carefully combined colors.  I like to combine different shapes and textures.  Each bead is unique and made with a lot of love and attention.  My work has been published in a "European Polymer Clay Book" and featured on Polymer Clay Daily. 

                                                                             Editor's Notes
Because I lived in the southwest for a large portion of my life this necklace appeals to me.
I love the details and the colors that Sandra used in creating it.

This little necklace is adorable.  Sandra calls it 'Love Street'.  
She can create the houses in any color combination.

See more of Sandra's creations at:                                             

Nix Creations

What a wonderfully creative idea Matthew Nix had when he created these Perfume Pendants.

From the Artist:
My name is Matthew Nix and I call home, Collinsville, IL. I started making jewelry by accident. I wish I could say is was all planned but who really plans for this kind of stuff in life? My grandmother used to make brooches and hatpins with fried marbles. I thought they would make great pendants and quickly started selling them to stores worldwide. I then got into wire wrapping. Wire wrapping is my main passion when it comes to pendant making. I'm not the best and not the worst. I then got into polymer clay and more recently the art of fused glass.

These wire wrap perfume pendants are my original idea.

What is a perfume pendant? It is a pendant that defuses perfume while your wear it. Simply put a drop of your favorite perfume in the middle of the flower. The oils will cling to the clay petals and will emit scent, longer than wearing it on your skin.You can wear perfume and perfume oils on this pendant. You can wash the pendant with soap and water to change the perfume you want to wear on it.

This pendant is wire wrapped in nontarnishing silver wire. The flower bead is made from polymer clay. Accented with dangling swarvoski crystals and silver beads.

You Can see more of Matthews creations at:

Dawn Shotton

Dawn is from Newcastle Upon Tyne ~ England
She opened her Etsy Shop in March of 2010

From the Artist:
I loved arts and crafts for as long as I care to remember. From watercolour painting to cloth dolls.............and anything in-between.  Recently found miniature sculpting is really fun!

This Polymer Clay mannequin stands four inches high.  The corset is decorated in lace and fabric trimmings.

You can see more of Dawn's creations at:

Doll on A Rocker
Photograph ~ by Sandy Prenzi

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Trina (Trina's Clay Creations) said...

Beautiful artwork! Thank you for sharing! :)

Melobeau said...

What an appealing and diverse collection of works. Sandy, Thanks for introducing me to some artists I'd not "met" before!

Sandy's Creations in Clay said...

You are so welcome Anita. I had not heard of a perfume pendant before I came across this one. I thought it was quite beautiful and the others are just delightful.

AnnaLeroy said...

Matthew Nix of Nixcreations and Createapendant is a THEIF. He apparently has just gone through Deviantart and taken images to use and sell – including mine.
a frog i drew in high school – http://annuh.deviantart.com/art/Frog-10003753
and here he is selling it on a pendant – http://nixcreations.soopsee.com/etsy/68030857/tribal-frog-1-inch-square-or-round-glass-tile-art-photo-pendant-with-adjustable-choker-necklace.html/

he apparently was/is doing this deliberately and without remorse to several deviants. without asking permission or giving credit (or even using the images in something new and creative…he’s just slapping them on pendants)

yes, his perfume pendants are quite pretty, but i feel like people should be aware of what he's doing to other artists.i believe that the integrity of the artist is passed on in anything that they create.some of his items look nice,but be assured that they are coming from an unwholesome "artist".

i know art involves inspiration and borrowing from other sources, but in this case nothing was borrowed or used as inspiration. it is flat-out theft.

if you'd like more information or more proof you can message me on etsy. my username is AnnaLeroy