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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Paper Dresses ~ Beautiful Greeting Card/Scrapbook Embellishments

Card Art Creations

Yvonne Tune hails from Ireland and recently opened her shop on Etsy.  All of her little dresses are hand~crafted with her own original designs.  They are ready to add to a scrapbook or to a special card you would like to create. 

Handmade miniature paper dress which is flat backed, ready to be glued to a handmade card, White embossed bodice, with a deep pink double layered skirt of crepe paper, guipure lace added to the waist and finished with miniature ribbon roses, it is 12cm in length, and 13cm at the widest point of the shirt

Handmade miniature paper dress, embossed pink bodice, with a double layered skirt of crepe paper. Organza ribbon at waist band, and ribbon rose, the bodice neck line is finished, with a daisy trim. It is 11cm in length, and 9cm at the widest point of skirt.This little dress is flat backed, ready to be stuck to a handmade card.

Handmade miniature dress, Black embossed bodice, with a Daisy trim, double layer red Crepe paper skirt, with satin ribbon waist band, and a mulberry paper red rose. This little dress is flat backed, ready to be glued to a handmade card.


Trina (Trina's Clay Creations) said...

These are so cute, love the black and red dress! Thank you for sharing Yvonne's work with us, I'm off to visit her shop now. :)

yvonne tune said...

Thank you so much Sandy, I will give you a link swap on my blog,
the little dresses were part of a collction I made at a workshop I thaught this month, and the girls loved them, the cards are on my blog
happy crafting
God Bless
Yvonne xx

yvonne tune said...

Hi again, I am from County Wicklow in Ireland, this is my blog
Yvonne xx

Diane Kundrat said...

I love these - they are adorable and so well made.

Aileen said...

Hi Sandy! It's really nice to visit your blog! I'm another visitor from Ireland! I'm lucky enough to have been able to attend one of Yvonne's recent workshops, where she taught us how to create these exquisite dresses. As Diane says, they are adorable, and yes, they are extremely well made. Yvonne is a perfectionist. All her workshops are top-class!

Aileen said...

I forgot to say that if you go to Yvonne's blog, you'll see these beautiful dresses featured in and on cards! They're amazing!

Sandy's Creations in Clay said...

Hi Aileen, Thank you for visiting my blog,
I have been to Yvonne's blog and it is amazing!! I have added her to my blog list.

Yvonne Tune said...

Hi Sandy, just back on to say, I added the miniature dress kits to my Etsy shop,
and hope to create new designs, in kit form,
love the vintage mirror bouquets,
God Bless
Yvonne xx

Bloomingayl said...

Catching up - love these little dresses ~ filled with inspiration. I just love this direction you are taking us.

marita said...